Six Course Spring Menu

One Hundred Sixty Eight Dollars per Person

Chef Philippe welcomes the flavors and freshness of Spring to Opus with
a new 6 course menu featuring contemporary presentations of French
cuisine classics using a locally-sourced bounty of Spring vegetables.
Elevate each course with a progression of world-class wine
pairings–Optional, though strongly encouraged. This Six Course Menu
is currently available for 6:30PM seatings only.

First Course

Fine Crème D’Asperges Vertes, Mousseline d’Asperges Blanches, Morilles

Cream of Asparagus Soup, White Asparagus Mousseline, Morels


Petite Tartelette aux Concombres, Fromage de Chêvre Frais Huitre, Caviar Imperial Ossetra Maquereau d’Espagne Mariné

Baby Cucumber Tartlet, Soft Goat Cheese Peach Tree Oyster, Imperial Ossetra Caviar Cured Spanish Mackerel

Third Course

Ris de Veau de Lait, Cuit au Beurre Salé, Oignons Grelots, Artichaut

Milk-Fed Veal Sweetbreads, 'Toasted' Butter Sauce, Pearl Onion, Artichoke

Fourth Course

Filet de Flétan, Pied-de-Mouton, Sauce Maltaise

Alaskan Halibut, Asparagus, Hedgehog Mushrooms, Blood Orange Hollandaise

Fifth Course

Médaillon D’Agneau, Jus Parfumé a l’Estagon, Poivron Rouge, Aubergine, Coulis de Basilic

Pinn Oak Ridge Farm Lamb, Tarragon Perfumed Jus, Eggplant, Basil Coulis

Six Course

Soufflé au Chocolat, Glace Grains de Café et Croustillant Noisette, Ecume Cardamome Caramel Salé

Chocolate Soufflé, Coffee Bean and Hazelnut Crunch Ice Cream, Salted Caramel Cardamom Foam

- or -

Île Flottante aux Framboises, Crumble de Yogourt aux Pistaches, Gelée de Ragoût de Baies au Vin Epicé

Poached Raspberry Meringue, Pistachio Yogurt Crumble, Spiced Wine Berry Stew Gelée

Executive Chef Philippe Chevalier

Organic, Local, Farm Raised and Wild Caught Cuisine

Menu prices are exclusive of tax and gratuity. Please note that while we attempt to accommodate most dietary restrictions, there are instances
where we cannot meet every limitation. Whether dining out or preparing food at home consuming raw or undercooked animal foods may

increase your risk of food borne illness.